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Computer games 2016 hype

So, I was looking at a list of computer games due to release in 2016, and picked out what looked interesting to me:

***** Rise of the Tomb Raider (Absolutely loved the re-boot, and the XBone release of this got good reviews, so assuming they don't screw up the porting, it should be great)

***** Dishonored 2 (First Dishonored was awesome, and Arkane tends to do great games in general)

***** Far Cry Primal (March, looks great, I like the Far Cry series, and the new direction for this one looks awesome (Stone Age with animal taming), really excited about this one)

***** Hellblade (Trailers look extremely intriguing, love the celtic-inspired setting, very intrigued by how they fit mental illness into the game, and I've enjoyed Ninja Theory's previous games)

**** Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (August, I'm very keen to get around to playing the previous Deus Ex games, and hoping this will be as good or better than Human Revolution allegedly was)

**** Doom (Trailers look good, recalling the older games but with modern graphics, lots of demon blasting and fast movement)

**** Shadow Warrior 2 (Who wants some more Wang?)

**** Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (January, this console RPG is getting a PC release, and early port reports indicate this will be the best version of a proven, very interesting RPG)

**** Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Haven't played the first one yet, but crowd-founded the second based on how well the first was received)

**** Horizon: Zero Dawn (Amazing trailers, very intrigued by how it will pan out, plus I always like some open world action)

**** Torment: Tides of Numenera (Crowd-funded this, so of course I'm excited to see the final product! Hoping for delicious turn-based RPG crunchiness, with interesting story-line and characters)

**** No Man's Sky (Neither Elite: Dangerous nor Star Citizen look quite like my cup of tea, with their MMO elements - I'm hoping this one will hit the spot for some space exploration)

*** XCom 2 (February, I briefly tried XCom, but it didn't hook me; this likely was due to my mood at the time though, and I'm planning on giving it another chance)

*** Styx: Shards of Darkness (I liked Styx's character in Of Orcs and Men, and the first Styx game was supposedly a good old-fashioned stealth game (i.e. you actually had to be stealthy, fighting your way through was not an option))

*** The Dwarves (Based on the book series I started reading, this promises lots of orc-bashing - I crowd-funded it)

*** Underworld Acendant (I'm dubious whether they can succeed in their ambitions... but if they do, it could be great)

*** Banner Saga 2 (Still haven't played the first one)

*** The Technomancer (Sequel to Mars: War Logs, which was a very rough diamond in the rough... but I still enjoyed it)

*** Hitman (March, the Hitman series contiues to intrigue me, but I've never given one of them a serious go)

*** Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (March, I am ambivalent about the Uncharted series - it tries to much to be an action movie instead of focusing on being a good game - but still, I expect I'll end up picking this one up)

*** Dark Souls III (April, in no rush to pick this one up as I still have both Dark Souls games to go... Demon's Souls was great though, so I hope this one will be as well - still, it mostly looks like more of the same)

*** Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor (A 40K action-rpg from the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing developer - yup, sounds good to me)

** Everspace (A less hardcore space sim? Sounds good to me.)

** The Witness (January, cautiously optimistic - I found his previous game, Braid, to be overly pretentious and the puzzles not all that interesting)

** Total War: Warhammer (April, the Total War series is another that has intrigued me but I've never gotten into it properly - combining it with the great Warhammer Fantasy setting makes it more tempting than ever)

** Mirror's Edge Catalyst (May, I really should get around to playing the original)

* Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter (Their last one, Crimes and Punishment, is supposed to be quite good)

* Persona 5 (The Persona games are quite lauded, and I've been intrigued, but never tried one)

* Necropolis (Concept looks intriguing, and Harebrained Scheme's did solid work with their Shadowrun games)

* Mass Effect: Andromeda (I'm not as sold on the Mass Effect series as lots of people are - I'd have liked more rpg and less action-shooter - but still, a new Bioware game is always a bit interesting... if EA has not utterly ruined them by now)

Of course, there are likely to come out great games that aren't hyped, and some of the hyped games are likely to be failures... but still, seems like 2016 should bring some gaming goodness.
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