enhörning (enhorning) wrote,

Gaming thoughts - King's Bounty

Been playing King's Bounty: Crosswords, which is a slightly expanded version of King's Bounty: Armored Princess, which itself was mostly tweaks compared with the original King's Bounty: The Legend - and am having mixed feelings about the game.

When should one abandon a game that is not great fun, but still mildly entertaining?

King's Bounty, for me, has several major flaws.

* Lots of backtracking, and searching the labyrinthic maps for the next combat around my level, while dodging higher level enemies.

* Lack of recovery for units leads to over-emphasis on not taking any losses at all in combats, which too heavily rewards using units with healing / summoning / resurrection abilities (and means most units in the game are not worth using at all).

* Can't use abilities at end of combat, which means trying to keep a non-dangerous enemy alive at the end while using treasure finding and healing, etc. abilities.

* Very grindy and time-consuming... which I don't mind too much in general, but in combination with the above, it does become a major drawback.

Steam says I've put 36 hours into it - I think I am about halfway through, which fits, as it's supposed to be about a 60-hour game, and I'm usually a bit of a slow player. That's a lot of time for a game that is not great, especially considering my backlog.

I am hesitant however, to abandon it - if I do, I know I'll never return to it, and having put this much time into it, I'd like to get through it all. I think I'll put it onto a bit of a lower priority though - only play a smaller while each day, and start another game parallell with it.

Perhaps time to get back into Uncharted 2? Or another strategy game? I'm still really in the mood for turn-based strategy!
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