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Yesterday, Photos (!), and Tomorrow

Yesterday was an extremely long day for me - but things mostly went smoothly, I learned a bit more about what I want in an instrument, and I had a great and relaxing time with my brother and his wife.

I left home at 8:40 in the morning, taking the train first to Hässleholm, then down to Malmö. Even though the train wasn't too busy, and I had my trusty PSP to provide music and help insulate me from my surroundings, it's still quite a tiring situation for me. Longest travelling I've done on my own in years, and it went well - but still, it made me feel weary - I'm not used to being in an unfamiliar situation, amongst other people, for so much time.

In Malmö, I visited a musical instrument shop, and tried out plenty of digital pianos / synths / keyboards, as well as talked for quite a with a seller whom I found to be quite helpful. I then headed to a second musical instrument shop (there are at least three in Malmö, I visited the two that were fairly close to the station), but this second shop was not as good an experience. Partly, it was due to them being rather busy, but also when I did get to talk with their seller for a while, I did not find him as helpful at all. Therefore, the first shop is likely to be the one I buy from...

I learned a bit about various instruments - but more than anything, I learned a lot about my own wishes in the instrument I want:

* I definitely want piano-style keys, not keyboard-style keys. I had thought this to be the case, but had nagging doubts - actually playing on them made me totally certain that I want piano-style keys.
* They don't need to be fancy though - I couldn't really feel much difference between the cheap piano-style keys, and the top of the line (way, way, way beyond my budget) expensive piano-style keys.
* I definitely do want a very wide variety of sounds, and options to play around with them - the instruments providing hundreds of sounds and sound editing were much more fun to me than the ones that mainly strived to imitate an acoustic piano.
* I am not too picky about the quality of the piano sound - they all sounded good enough to me.
* I really would like a decent set of church organ sounds.

Unless I learn new information that changes my opinion, I am leaning towards one of these two models:

Roland FA-08, seems to do everything I want and quite a bit more, but is uncomfortably expensive - right near the upper range of what I can afford.

Casio PX-5S, ugly, does not feature neither recording / editing facilities, nor as good organ sounds, nor various other functions, but still has a lot of sounds and effects to play around with, and is considerably cheaper.

I'll be spending time over the coming days/weeks researching those two models in more details and reading up on them.

After my musical investigations, I headed out to my brother and his wife, and turned up, rather tired, on their doorstep. Luckily, I had a very nice and relaxing time there. They showed me lots of photos and videos from their big New Zealand vacation they had back in summer - the mountains and the mosses were my favourites. We also chatted quite a lot, and all in all, I had a very pleasant time. They also gave me their old camera!

It's a shame the travelling is so draining for me... on the journey home, even though everything went smoothly, I got uncomfortably exhausted - perhaps not surprising after such a long day - I didn't get home until just past 23 - and visiting the shops was very tiring and involved lots of interacting with sellers, and lots of standing / walking with no real rest. (Whereas seeing Niklas and Caro was restful and restored my energy after the tiring shops.)

I took a couple of photos to try out the camera:

View from my window. I love how much open space there is - the houses on the other side are quite some distance away.

My living room (as seen from the kitchen). To the right is the computer desk, where I spend a lot of my time, and right at the corner of the photo, my armchair peeks out. The digital piano will probably end up in front of the bookshelves on the left.

I had expressed a desire to my support team here in Perstorp for some sort of councelling - the break-up, the move, and not knowing what to make of my life now, what is the purpose of it without Amelia - these are all issues I need to somehow deal with. Problem being that Perstorp is quite a small municipality, so the psych care is based in Hässleholm, but if I had to go there, the travelling would stress me so much that any chance of benefits would get utterly ruined. Luckily, on some days they do have staff visiting Perstorp, and I now have an appointment to go see somebody on Monday. This is scary, and my expectation is that it will be a failure - I have huge trust issues with health care staff in general (due to how I've been maltreated and not listened to in the past), but I want to give it at least a try.
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